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2.399 Lekë 2.159 Lekë
You save: 240 Lekë (Including tax)
Your grandfather unexpectedly passes you ownership of a small idyllic farm. It’s all in bad condition, so it’s your job to take on the challenge to rebuild it. Depending on the weather and the demands of the local villagers, you will plant a variety of crops to harvest later and must also take...
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1.999 Lekë 1.799 Lekë
You save: 200 Lekë (Including tax)
Solve nonogram puzzles and experience the story of 2 different puzzle adventures! Piczle Cross Adventure: Join our heroes Score-chan, Gig and Professor Matrix on an adventure across a vast open world. PictoQuest: Test your puzzle skills by helping two young...
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5.299 Lekë 4.769 Lekë
You save: 530 Lekë (Including tax)
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3.999 Lekë 3.599 Lekë
You save: 400 Lekë (Including tax)
Your community was taken down by a heavy storm which caused an apocalypse and unleashed the living dead. Together with the other survivors, it is your task to rebuild and to allow that sustainable life can still be assured. Cultivate your farm and manage your restaurant to provide food and deal...