Our Story

The world around us is in constant change. We are in constant change. Sometimes predictably, sometimes less.

But even in these times of constant change, online shopping is not only about survival or fulfilling one’s simplest needs. It’s about emotion and self-expression too. It’s about values and wants. SuperMart has stood for this right since the beginning. We are standing for the simplicity and availability of easy shopping, wide product selection and customer security, and we never get tired of it.

The unknown and exciting; the next big things. We keep wanting to put some WOW to online shopping, delivering it in the purest form for easy consuming. Whether it’s the simple tool, the hippest clothes, the most exquisite electronics and every-thing in-between and beyond, SuperMart is the place to get it from.

We stand for fair prices, and value for money. Our unique selection – and SuperMart itself – is not about blending in, but standing out. We are all unique creatures that deserve a marketplace that is equally unique, allowing us to make the unique choices we want. Today, tomorrow and for the next twenty years. To be closer to every consumer. This is our mission. This is our want. To be the
connectors of products, vendors and modern technology and to put it in an easily consumable package.

For you.